We have been working with couples since we started the partnership in 1996.

We are a partnership with male and female therapists, and have a long-standing commitment to exploring relationship, both in our relationships, in the partnership, and in the lives of our clients. We can see couples before marriage, during difficulties, or near the breakdown of relationship.

One unique aspect of our practice which we can offer is for a couple to see two therapists, one male and one female. Ususally, each person sees their therapist for one or two sessions prior to working with us both, in the same room, as a foursome. This can be a very effective option when one (or both) of a couple feel that they will feel at a disadvantage if they were to see a person of the opposite sex as a couple worker. It also helps us to ensure that there is no collusion. If you are interested in this option, please feel free to contact us.

We aim to provide a safe and genuine space in which couples can explore issues difficult to manage safely at home. We have a broad variety of experience - from 'general' relationship issues like low-sex or no-sex relationships to domestic violence, marital breakdown and racial problems.

We find this a particularly rewarding part of our practice, and would like to expand it. Feel free to contact us.