We aim to provide a reasonable service, one which will allow those who need us to be able to afford to come.

Consequently, feel free to contact us about sliding scales; for people in real hardship or financial need we can sometimes offer a sliding scale.

All counselling and single psychotherapy sessions, emdr and LI cost £60 per session.

Couples Work
Sessions last one hour, weekly or fortnightly, and cost £60 per session or £80 per session with two therapists.
We cannot offer concessions on couples work.

Our supervision rates are similar to individual therapy rates, and are smaller for supervison groups. We offer discounted supervision rates to student counsellors.
We specialise in supervision of work with children, with counsellors interested in extending their model of counselling, and in body-oriented psychotherapy and counselling.
We are also particularly interested in offering short term or one-off counselling sessions around trauma and the body.

Group Work
This varies - but expect sessions to last around 2 hours and cost £10 to £20 depending on the group.

Consultancy and Training Prices vary considerably. Please contact us for details