Our initial training was general psychotherapy - body related, but general.

This means anxiety, depression, relationship issues, self esteem, spirituality, issues around intimacy, body image, sexuality....

Over the years - in fact, quite quickly - we increasingly realised that the root of many - or most - personal emotional difficulties had to do with either very early attachment issues, or (and/or) trauma.

We have both concentrated on trauma work for many years. We have both trained in EMDR, and carried out post-graduate training in trauma therapy.

Both of us have worked with children at a specialist school for severely emotionally and behaviourally disturbed children, which added to the depth of our understanding of the effect of attachment issues and neglect.

Rashida chose to move on into specialising in child therapy, integrating play therapy into her understanding of attachment trauma and issues around emotional neglect and trauma.

Steve moved into looking at the adult outcome of attachment trauma, into so-called personality disorders, specialising in borderline clients, and then training in dissociation and specialising in DID and dissociative disorders in general.




We both continue to work with the general range of psychotherapy and counselling clients, with care, and treating each client as the individual they clearly are. Our specialities are only about the needs of our specific clients. We hope you will understand that our ongoing training has been to support specific clients with specific difficulties. We see all our ongoing training as simply allowing us to support all our clients, in all their therapies.