Rashida Harries and Steve Williams met at the Chiron Centre, in Ealing, West London, when we both embarked on our Integrative Body Psychotherapy training in 1992.

The training was demanding, complex, and very experiential.

When we graduated, in 1995, we decided to start working together as psychotherapists. We both continued our practices in London, where we had trained, and then opened a joint practice in Oxford. Both of us worked for 2 years in a therapeutic school for seriously hurt and disturbed children, the Mulberry Bush School, near Witney.

In 2003 we moved our practice to Sheffield, and have been working here ever since.

Rashida has a special interest in Trauma and Attachment work with children, but also has very wide experience in working with survivors of abuse and general therapy. She has training in therapy within the arts, play therapy, child psychotherapy and clinical supervision.

Steve has a long standing interest in EMDR and associated Trauma therapies, together with experience and specific interest in working with attachment disorders often diagnosed as 'personality disorders', and in working with dissociation. He is a member of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation, and has completed the ISST-D Psychotherapy Training for the Dissociative Disorders, Standard and Advanced Courses. He also practices Lifespan Integration.

Having both worked in mental health practices for many years, we also have an ongoing interest in the application of psychotherapy to general emotional and psychological difficulties.

We are currently expanding our practice to include associate psychotherapists, whose details will appear here when they are confirmed.